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We are Service Plus Communications and we build private voice networks.   Avaya is the only brand we sell and the only brand we support because it is a recognized innovator and leading global provider of next generation, real-time business collaboration and communications solutions. Our specialization is our guarantee that we know our product range inside and out.

Service Plus Communications is a Mississippi company doing business with Mississippians.  With a dedicated staff and a reputation for quality and service after the sale, our small company boasts among its satisfied customers: the largest premium retailer in the country; the nation’s largest egg producer; a leading manufacturer of electrical transmission and distribution equipment worldwide; a rock star client that is a world leader in production of guitars, amplifiers, speakers, and sound mixers, as well many medium-size and small local enterprises.

Our clients come to us because of our reputation and they stay with us because of our knowledge, service and genuine care for their wellbeing is second to none.  We provide clients 24/7 emergency service because we understand that a high capability, reliable voice network is not a luxury – it is your companies lifeline.

So whether you represent a large corporation, or a small homegrown Mississippi company like us, contact us to learn how Service Plus Communications can streamline your voice communications network.

Our mission is service.  Our commitment is unwavering.